Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Baltimore Half Marathon Report

Last weekend I ran my 3rd Half Marathon in prep for my Full Marathon in November. These half races have taught me something new each time and bring new experiences I should have before my larger goal of the full.

I arrived in Baltimore Friday afternoon and hit the expo before my hotel. Why do race organizers feel the need to run you in a zig zag back and forth the whole damn expo to get your needed race bib and shirt? I always feel the need to get all my stuff first and THEN I do shop and visit the vendors. I hate they make you do that dance. Anyway on to a nice dinner at the Inner Harbor with friends from my running club and then to the hotel for rest and race prep.

The Full Marathon started at 8AM and the Half at 9:45 so I slept in a bit and walked toward the race start hitting a street that the full marathon runners would be coming down. I was able to catch the wheelchair racers and the Elite runners on the way to my start of the Half.

The city/crowds are great for this race. Many people along the course to cheer you on.

My race started and the sky was a bit overcast and windy. Rain drops and wind started a bit harder around mile 3 but SO DID THE HILLS! Holy moly I had really only ran flat courses till now. It seemed like every turn was another hill. I didn't plan on a PR seeing these conditions.

Baltimore has a guy that has been passing out Gummy Bears around mile 23.5 / 10.5 and from there it's pretty much down hill. When I hit that point I was happy to enjoy a hand full of those bears and laugh for the last few miles seeing the streets covered in the colorful things!

I ended up finishing at 1:57:44 ... 9:00 pace. My prior PR in Philly was 1:57:30 so I was only off a little bit which makes me happy considering the challenges. 1900 / 7813 Overall so withing the top 25%!

Next up ... 26.2 in Philly November 22nd!

Here are a few pictures. Pardon the "proof" markings :)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rest Day - Super Natural Running

Today is a rest day! Tomorrow is the last run before Baltimore on Saturday. It had looked like it was going to be a wet race but fortunately the weather forecast has changed! I think I'll spend tonight getting some things together for the trip. I'll be heading out Friday mid morning to drive down and hit the expo. Then dinner with friends.

That's it for today. Anyone want to head out to Bear Butte Running Camp for some training? LOL Cheers! Tom

Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Turning Back Time - Oreos

Here is my first gluttony post!

Growing up I lived across the street from my grandparents. One memory I have is each and every time I would go over as a child, I could get some cookies from the cabinet. My mom-mom and pop-pop always had 2 types of cookies available ... Oreo's and Vienna Fingers.

I used to think these were cookies of old people! Why not chocolate chip or peanut butter? I still ate them though. Flash forward 30+ years and what is my favorite cookie today? Peanut Butter Double Stuf Oreo's!
I like the "regular" kind as well but these are something special for those who love peanut butter and chocolate. I've discovered there are so many different kinds of Oreo cookies available from mint to strawberry! I think I'll stick to these for a while though :) I also love the stay fresh packaging ... Not that they are around that long anyway :)

Here is a recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte from Annie's Eats I'm dieing to try that uses oreo cookies as a crust. I think it would be even better using the Peanut Butter Oreo's. YUM.

Now - How many miles for how many cookies?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

20 Mile Long Run Prep - Next up Baltimore Half

So today was one of our last 2 USA Fit Philly long runs in prep for the Philadelphia Marathon in November. On the schedule we had 19 miles for the yellow group (9-10 Min. Mile Group) but what was mapped out ended up being 20 miles. I felt so much better on this run then I did on my previous long run of 17 miles just a few weeks ago. I ran the first half or so with the group which made a difference. I'm normally out there alone so it was nice to have the company.

I did the 20.02 miles at a pace of 9:51 min/mi.

About mile 14 - Photo by Mary T.

I used Endurolytes, Gu Gel and Gu Chomps on the run and the combination really seems to be working for me. I had no stomach or GI issues which is great.

Post run I felt pretty good and finally feel like I can actually finish 26.2 miles!

So this week I'm going to take it kind of light since I have the Baltimore Half Marathon on Saturday. I'm not really looking to PR this race since I did so well in at the Philly Distance Run 2 weeks ago. In looking at the course it's going to be a little more challenging with some hills so I'll just be treating this as a race training run. I'll be heading down to the race expo on Friday afternoon then check into my hotel. Helen and Mary from USA Fit Philly are running the full so I'll see if they want to get a bite to eat Friday night.

This race starts the full and half at different times and locations. The full starts at 8AM and the half at 9:45. They join up around mile 13.5 and finish the course together. This should be interesting as it will be my first experience around folks doing a full marathon distance.

So bring on the crabs Baltimore! Show me what you got. I'll probably be back for the full marathon next year!