Wednesday, December 2, 2009

2009 Race Review - My first year of running

Well who would have thought when I started the Couch to 5K program last November that my running interests would transform into what they have. My little goal of completing a 5K race in February certainly turned into a slight obsession. For 2009 I ended up doing 14 races ranging from 5K to a Full Marathon.

In looking back I'm not sure what hooked me on running. I do feel great during and after. I enjoy the benefits of being able to eat more freely because of the calorie burn it causes. But all in all I think my biggest attraction has been that it's a healthy addiction. I've met some great people and I enjoy setting goals for myself so training and following a schedule has been great.

Here are my 2009 Race Results. It's amazing to see my skill / speed progression on some of the races. My all time lowest pace was in a 5K @ 7:57 pace. (Click Image or here for a better view)

I'm looking forward to some challenges in 2010. I'll be participating in the Bucks County Road Runners Winter Series Races. I've already got 2 marathons on the books and have already started my training. First up will be the Shamrock Marathon in March 21st in Virginia Beach. Then on to the Country Music Marathon on April 24th in Nashville.

Still deciding on a May-June marathon before taking a break and preparing for the fall.



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